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Ashanti Owns Her Own Masters, Rerecording Debut Album!!!!




Ashanti appeared on The Tamron Hall Show and made a revelation. She is now the owner of her own masters and…is rerecording her debut album.

Ashanti To Rerecord Her Debut Album

Singer/Actress/Songwriter Ashanti, who is now 40 years old, is smiling pretty right about now.

She is an independent artist, as she is the proud owner of all of her masters.

The songstress got her first record deal at 14 years old.

Finally, she also has the freedom to control her own music.

As such, she is taking on a brand new project, re-recording her entire debut album.

Her first album, which was named after her, sold over 505,000 copies in its first week!

Discussing the matter with Tamron Hall, Murder Inc’s golden girl, Ashanti says –

“It is so surreal….I have an amazing legal team…the fact that I will be able to rerecord my first album and put everything together…”


Congrats Girl.

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