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Are The Feds Really Out To Get T.I?!?!



Are The Feds Really Out To Get T.I?

Are The Feds Really Out To Get T.I? Who is behind Sabrina’s accusations? How will this end for T.I.?

T.I.’s trouble could bring heat from the Feds

There are more allegations from T.i.’s accuser, Sabrina Peterson. In a recent interview, Sabrina made more accusations against T.I.

Allegedly, a former artist on T.I.’s label “Grand Hustle” was hired to kill her.

According to Sabrina, there was a $25k hit out for her. Of course, this is all alleged. However, it did not stop Sabrina from making the claims, as reported by Bossip.

During her interview, Sabrina shared she spoke with the alleged hired hitman. Is this a plan to get T.I. in trouble with the Feds?

We all know that T.I. is a convicted felon. And, has served time in prison for gun charges. With that said, is there some sort of secret campaign against T.I.?

Some close to T.I. think he is being targeted. Here is my issue with Sabrina’s story. Just a few weeks ago, Sabrina gave T.I. an ultimatum, if he apologized she would cancel the lawsuit.

But her efforts backfired, T.I. put this message on his Instagram:



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With that said, this situation is getting messier. In addition, we know that the Feds are notorious for watching rappers.

Especially, rappers who have a high profile. Therefore, Sabrina’s accusations against T.I. bring unwanted attention. For this reason, I am sure T.I. just wants this to all go away.

Keep in mind, we have not heard much about Sabrina attacking Tiny. I wonder why? A lot of the other accusations name T.I. and Tiny. Somehow Sabrina appears to be focusing on T.I.

Oddly, we have not heard more from all of the other women. Wasn’t at least 30 women making claims of sexual assault?

What happened with those accusations? As I said, before, something just isn’t right with this situation. Be that as it may, we will surely keep you all posted. t.i.

Check out the video above for more details.

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