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Angela Simmons Sons Father Alleged Killer Was Arrested



angela simmons sons father killer arrested

Angela Simmons Ex sons father alleged killer was arrested. According to Atlanta police, Michael Williams 44 was arrested for the murder of Sutton Tennyson. Tennyson was shot in his home on November 3, 2018.

Williams turned himself over to the police

Apparently, Williams turned himself over to police on November 7, 2018 a few days after the murder of Tennyson. Tennyson was found in the drive way of his home on the 600 block of Jewel Drive. There was a conversation between the two men at Tennyson’s home that turned ugly. Williams pulled out a gun and shot Tennyson several times. Williams fled the scene of the crime, according to 11 Alive News.

It has not been revealed why the two men were arguing. Hopefully, Williams will talk about what led up to his shooting Tennyson. So far, Angela Simmons has not made any new comments about the death of her sons father.

michael williams killer of sutton kennyson

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