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AJ “Ezal” Johnson’s Final Interview On Hip Hop Uncensored!!!!



This is on of the last interviews with comedian AJ Johnson. Fortunately, the hosts of Hip Hop News O’God and SamAnt spoke with him. During the interview AJ spoke about his life as a comedian. AJ talked about his traveling and working on the road.

AJ Johnson Had Great Comedic Timing

AJ Johnson spoke about his acting role in movie “House Party” one.  The scene with late comedian Robin Harris was when AJ got to his start. However, the scenes with Robin and him were cut. So, only what Robin said made it to the movie. Afterwards, AJ was invited to the comedy club. AJ admitted that he bombed o his first try.

The next week AJ came back with more of his own jokes. In his comedy routine He talked about experiences with his family. And, the rest was history, in his own words. In addition, AJ worked on DEF Jam. In relation to the “Friday’s” movie it was O’Shea”Ice Cube” Jackson who asked him to be in the movie.

What was interesting  about his role in Friday’s Ice Cube was deciding between AJ and Tommy Davidson, as reported by Yahoo. Turns out AJ was the right choice for the movie. As always, hosts O”God and SamAnt asked the necessary questions. And, AJ delivered. Great interview!

aj johnson

Check out the video above for more details.

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