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J.Prince Clarifies IG Post About YBN Being Robbed In NY!!!

J.Prince clarifies his post on Instagram about YBN Almighty. The other day music mogul J Prince caught some backlash about tagging other Hip Hop artist from the East Coast on IG. One of his protege’s, YBN Almighty was robbed and ...

Young Rapper YBN Almighty Was Viciously Attacked In New York!!

Rapper YBN Almighty was viciously attacked in New York. On Friday night the young rapper was shopping at Saks Fifth Avenue when a fight broke out. Allegedly, Jay Bradley aka YBN Almighty and his crew were in the store when ...

J Prince Is Being Called A Snitch After IG Post!!!

J Prince is being called a snitch after IG post. After the assault of the young rapper YBN Almighty Jay in New York  a lot of people are talking on the streets. Apparently, YBN is an affiliate of J Prince. ...