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Lil Boosie Sentenced Was Just Reduced!!!

Lil Boosie Sentenced Was Just Reduced. The  rapper was arrested over the weekend. However, Boosie was able to post bail. Lil Boosie avoids jail time Lil Boosie sentenced was just reduced. It appears that Boosie was able to plead guilty ...

Lil Boosie Robbed Of 70K Of Jewelry!!!

Lil Boosie Robbed Of 70K Of Jewelry. Apparently, someone broke into Boosie’s Bentley SUV. And, Boosie posted a very chilling message on IG. Why did Boosie leave jewelry in his ? Boosie told police that his super bowl style diamond ...

Lil Boosie Ordered To Pay $230K To Security Guard!!!

Lil Boosie ordered to pay $230K to a security guard. The Baton Rouge rapper is notorious for voicing his opinions about other fallen rappers. Wonder what he has to say about his own downfalls. Lil Boosie loses court case for ...

Lil Boosie Blasts Lil Nas X For Coming Out!!!

Lil Boosie blasts Lil Nas X for coming out as a homosexual! Lil Nas X, whose real name is Montero Lamar Hill, has a country rap breakout hit song, ‘Old Town Road’!  The song peaked at #1 on the Billboard ...

Lil Boosie Arrested In Georgia On Gun And Drug Charges!!!

Lil Boosie arrested in Georgia on gun and drug charges. Louisiana rapper Torrence Hatch aka Lil Boosie BaDass was stopped while swerving lanes and almost sideswiping another vehicle. Drugs and a weapon found in Lil Boosie caravan Allegedly, Lil Boosie ...

Lil Boosie Sides With Michael Jacksons Accusers!!!

Lil Boosie has taken sides with Michael Jackson accusers. Once again, Legendary entertainer, Michael Jackson is facing public scrutiny. Allegedly, the two men in the new documentary,”Leaving Netherland” say they were sexually abused by Jackson. Why does Lil Boosie believe ...

Lil Boosie Says Tekashi 69 Snitching Will Bring About His ...

Lil Boosie thinks Tekashi 69 snitching will bring about his demise.  Boosie was once a supporter of the young New York rapper. However, it looks like Boosie has changed his mind. Apparently, Lil Boosie is friends with one of the ...

Lil Boosie Forces Kevin Gates And His Crew Off Stage!! ...

Check out the video below!

Lil Boosie Advises Meek Mill

Lil Boosie has been in the system before. Now that Meek Mill is going to be down for a couple of years, Lil Boosie gives Meek Mill a bit of advice

Lil Boosie says buy black

Lil Boosie says buy black with this IG photo rocking the Abdju Wear, conscious tennis shoes.