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NLOA Press Conference Demand’s NYPD Arrest 50 Cent!

NLOA held a press conference to demand NYPD to arrest 50 Cent. The latest in the situation between New York rapper Curtis Jackson is turning into a nightmare. A NYPD officer, deputy inspector Emanuel Gonzalez allegedly threatened 50 Cent. And, ...

NYPD Officer Investigated For Putting A Hit On 50 Cent?!?!

NYPD commander investigated for putting a hit on 50 Cent. Famous New York rapper Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent found out that the officer has made threats on his life. People thought 50 was seeking for publicity. However, it turns ...

50 Cent Sues HipHopDX For Publishing Fake News!!

According to court documents obtained by, The Blast, Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent claims the website HipHopDX used a photo of him, which was taken from his instagram account, alongside an article about him and Bellator MMA , suggesting that 50 has sold ...