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600 Breezy Blasts Tekashi 69!!!



600 Breezy Blasts Tekashi 69

600 Breezy Blasts Tekashi 69. Does this New York rapper have any filter? Can someone please advice Tekashi to hush up.

Can Tekashi stop with the antics?

600 Breezy blasts Tekashi 69. Personally, I think Tekashi is starving for some kind of attention. Or, Tekashi needs this publicity to say relevant.

However, Tekashi may get more than he bargained. It is this kind of bad behavior that can bring his demise. Especially, since Tekashi keeps can’t seem to keep from getting into beef with fellow rappers.

In this latest drama, Tekashi was on IG live making comments about the late rapper King Von. And, what Tekashi said caused Chicago rapper 600 Breezy to pop off.

The Meek Mill debacle wasn’t enough for Tekashi. It appears Tekashi loves to be in the spot light. In my opinion, Tekashi is a media hog.

However, in my professional opinion, Tekashi could be making a cry for help. Because, who in their right mind would continue to taunt rappers. Furthermore, why would Tekashi think that friends of King Von would not speak out against what he is doing.

In this case, 600 Breezy does has issued a warning to Tekashi, as reported by Hot New Hip Hop. And, 600 Breezy is not the only rapper to warn Tekashi. Young rapper Lil Durk issued his own alleged threat to Tekashi.

So, it appears that Tekashi will have to beef up his security. In addition, if Tekashi is thinking of going to Chi-Town he may want to rethink that. More importantly, Tekashi may want to be quiet for a minute.

This is not the time to go up against these two rappers. Obviously, neither Lil Durk or 600 Breezy aren’t backing down.

tekashi vs 600 breezy

Check out the video above for more details.

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