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50 Cent Wins 14.5M Lawsuit Against Former Lawyers!!Throwback



50 cent in court

Rapper and Business man Curtis Jackson better known as 50 has won his lawsuit against former lawyers. Jackson sued his team of attorneys for malpractice, insisting they did a shoddy job repping him against Sleek Audio.

What made Jackson file the malpractice law suit?

In a 2014 lawsuit Jackson was ordered to pay headphone makers Sleek Audio $ 16 million after the rapper severed his deal with Sleek to produce his own brand of headphones that a court ruled was “basically the same designs” as his Sleek- branded pair.

Jackson filed the malpractice suit against Garvey Schubert Barer (GSB), the law firm who represented him against Sleek Audio. Jackson alleged that the firm “didn’t adequately represent his interest in licensing negotiations and arbitration disputes with Sleek Audio.

Although, Jackson won the law suit he had to pay it all to bankruptcy. Jackson filed bankruptcy for around $50 million. The lawsuit money will go to pay some of his debt off, according to Rolling Stone.

curtis jackson

Check out the video above for more details.

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