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50 Cent Trolls Lil’ Kim




On Wednesday (October 13th), 50 Cent poked fun at Lil’ Kim on Instagram.

Back in July, the rapper mocked her 2021 BET Awards look and said she looked like an owl.

Lil’ Kim has responded to 50 Cent’s latest rip-off by comparing her to a dancing leprechaun.


50 Cent Trolls The Original Queen Bee: Lil’ Kim

In the latest incident, 50 Cent called out Lil’ Kim on social media, once again.

He reposted a video that compares Lil’ Kim with a creepy Leprechaun.

Lil’ Kim dances on stage in the first video; in the second video, the leprechaun dances, and it claims they look similar.

50 Cent was amused by the video, writing: “I’m sorry, I know it’s early but I don’t know why sh*t like this is funny to me. LOL.”

She Responds

Within a few hours, Lil’ Kim responded in the comments.

“Ur so obsessed wit me this is getting creepy. Yarnnnn this one ain’t it bro not funny at all I was hoping to laugh wit you but cornyyyy. Booooo! U falling off I’m too bad and too fly in this video u reaching now but we all know whyyyy,” she wrote.

Lil’ Kim didn’t seem to be too bothered by the post, as she continued to sarcastically attack 50 Cent in retaliation.

“Can we say obsessed with Kimmie much! Lmao keep em coming boo boo only let me know I’m on ur brain 24/7. I love it! Dm me next time I’ll send u exclusives cause you madd late!” she continued.

Lil’ Kim Hardly bothered: Taking The Opportunity to Promote her Book

Despite the fact that Lil’ Kim came across the meme a long time ago, she said: “This meme been out months ago so u searched for this, u probably made it lameeeeee.”

After that, she told her fans about her memoir and encouraged them to preorder it. Strategic marketing indeed.

Fiddy Reposts The Video

Despite deleting his original post, 50 Cent re-posted the leprechaun TikTok, making one final attempt at trolling Lil’ Kim one last time.

He captioned the photo: “All I said was i thought this was funny 🤷🏽‍♂️😆 LOL.”

In the next video, he uploaded a woman doing Lil’ Kim’s dance and said: “Oh no now look what I started 🤭 The sexy Leprechaun challenge 😳LOL😆😆😆😆on TikTok.”

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