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50 Cent Faces Backlash For Comments About Michael K. Williams!!!!



50 Cent Faces Backlash For Comments About Michael K. Williams

We were all sad about the death of actor Michael K. Williams. As a result, many of his fellow actors paid tribute to Michael on social media. Although, details of Michael’s death are still unfolding. The famous “Wire” actor died yesterday, September 6th.

Fifty Proves He Is The King Of Controversy

How often does Curtis”50 Cent” Jackson have to be reprimanded? Hasn’t Fifty had enough of trolling and making crazy comments? Obviously not. In his latest Twitter post, Fifty makes a very insensitive comment about actor Michael K. Williams. And, many people are calling Fifty out.


Of course, Fifty is notorious for making off-colored comments on social media. But this time Fifty may have gone too far. Especially, since Michael was found dead just yesterday. This was absolutely poor timing. If Fifty wanted to pay his respects to the fallen actor so be it. However, to make the assumption that Michael’s death was allegedly caused by fentanyl was in poor taste. Not to mention, Fifty made reference to his Stars series “Raising Kanan.”

To make matters worst, Fifty went on to post an article from 2018. In this particular article, Michael allegedly defends infamous former music executive James”Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond’s innocence, as reported by XXL Mag.

Many are offended by Fifty’s remarks. Twitter exploded with people’s comments lashing out at Fifty. One person said, “50 Cent is a piece of garbage. He is a horrible and nasty human being. His post about Michael K. Williams was so offensive and gross, Becca@MJFINESSELOVER.”  On the other hand, others understood what Fifty was trying to say. As always, Fifty proves he is the king of controversy.

fifty vs michael k williams

Check out the video above for more details.

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