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50 Cent Compared Cookie Lyon With Raquel Thomas!!!



Over the years, Curtis”50 Cent” Jackson has trolled Taraji. He has often compared “Power” to “Empire.” Recently, Fifty made some remarks about Cookie vs Raquel.

Does Fifty Secretly Want To Work With Taraji?

After, Fifty remarked that Raquel Thomas, the lead character in his new series “Power Book III: Raising Kanan, was “knocking” Taraji’s character “Cookie”, “out the box.” His star, Patina Miller aka Raquel Thomas replied.

However, she kind of reprimanded him for making comparisons of the two characters.  Patina shares how she admires Taraji’s character Cookie, as reported by Atlanta Black Star. Here was here response to Fifty’s comparison of the two,

“I love that queen and look up to her! I do think both characters can co-exist and one doesn’t have to be ‘better’ than the other…Lift them both up!! Thank you for your support always @50cent.”

Later, Fifty deleted his comments about Cookie and Raquel. I can understand where Fifty is coming from, there are some similarities between Cookie and Raquel. For instance, both are strong and powerful women from the hood. Both are parents who want better for their children. But Fifty should know better than to compare black women to each other. There is enough of that among black women as it is. Good for you Patina aka Raquel. We need to celebrate our black Queens. Instead of comparing and criticizing.

In an interview with Grio, fifty admitted he would like to work with Taraji. And, some have suspected this all along. Obviously, Fifty secretly admires Taraji’s work. Otherwise, he wouldn’t keep trolling Taraji. His interview somewhat confirms he has admired Taraji from afar. Another thing, Fifty knows how to get the attention he desires. Although, Taraji has not responded.

Can you blame Fifty for trolling Taraji? Fifty knows Taraji would bring depth and intrigue to any of his projects. Taraji has proven repeatedly she is an exceptional actress. Also, Taraji has versatility. Personally, I don’t think there is a role Taraji could not master. I’m just saying. Don’t take my word for it. Take a look at both characters in action.


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