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50 Cent Becomes DaBaby’s Mentor!!!



It does not matter what people say about  Curtis”50″ Cent Jackson. Because Fifty continues to blow up. In his latest endeavor. Fifty is taking young rapper DaBaby under his wings, And, DaBaby is excited.

Fifty Takes on New Title of Mentor

50 Cent has made quite a name for himself, both in hip hop and television. Recently, 50 Cent sat down with young rapper DaBaby. DaBaby announced to his followers on Instagram he had a very productive meeting with 50 Cent. Here is some of what he shared,

“Somebody I been studying for a MINUTE lended me a few hours of his time today. N***as so scared to let me in the room they fucked around & let me end up in the room w/ @50cent. BIG MISTAKE!”

50 Cent admitted that he had started mentoring deceased rapper Pop Smoke before his untimely death. So, he is really looking forward to sharing his expertise with DaBaby. When 50 Cent saw DaBaby’s comments. He responded with this,

“I lost pop [Smoke] before he could get it, this one already got it and he listen,” he wrote. “I’m a teach him all the mistakes i made, so he can be better than me. THIS IS HIP HOP!”

In my opinion, this is a great idea. Especially, since 50 Cent understands what it takes to make it in the music industry. Also, 50 Cent has become an extraordinarily successful entrepreneur, actor, director, and producer. The success alone of his TV series “Power” says it all. I really hope that others will follow 50 Cents’ lead. Maybe if young rappers had mentors, they would not end up in jail or dead.

On another note, will DaBaby do a cameo on Power Book III: Raising Kanan?” Wouldn’t that be fire? Can you see DaBaby playing one of Kanan’s young friends? Yes, I said it. The new installment of Power aired yesterday on Starz. I must admit the first episode was a little misleading. I was waiting for young Ghost and Tommy to show up. At any rate, 50 Cent working with DaBaby should be interesting, to say the least.

DaBaby n 50 Cent

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