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5 Ways Iggy Azalea Cancelled Herself



Amethyst Amelia Kelly, known professionally as Iggy Azalea, is an Australian rapper. After being introduced successfully to the genre via rapper T.IThe female rapper has finally taken her career into her own hands and is enjoying motherhood as well as her newfound autonomy. There are claims of envy and jealousy as well as sexism when it comes to why African American millennials decided against her being part of the culture, but the following list is the five ways Iggy Azalea canceled herself. Before we begin, we would like to state that we are unbiased regarding what we report. We simply hear and convey.

5. Race-Baiting

The white rapper from down under once called herself a runaway slave catcher in a song that belongs to a genre of formerly enslaved people. To make matters worse, in the music video for this song, she makes a motion with her arm that suggests she is whipping a slave with a whip. This was a pun on her attraction to African American men, but black women and children are also part of hip hop culture, and they did not find it nearly as acceptable as their adult male counterparts did. Some found it fun and flirty, while others saw it as an affront to their ancestors who died as slaves, never knowing freedom.

4. Respect Your Elders

The way Iggy Azalea exchanged words with Hip Hop royal Q-Tip when he was trying to initiate her into the culture by teaching her why certain things are important, appropriate, and inappropriate was too much for many hip hop loyal. Q-tip is far too established as a pillar of hip hop to have a woman from Australia who pens zero percent of her lyrics talking back to him as if he is her subordinate.

3. Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance

 Number 3 on our list of 5 ways Iggy Azalea canceled herself is a bit difficult to explain. So here is the video.

 This abysmal performance proved that the masses consuming rap were celebrating what is called “white mediocrity” by critical race theorists, as opposed to actual talent, which is required of black female rappers. Real talent was not a prerequisite for the 5’ 10” descendant of Europeans once jailed in an open-air prison on the continent; they would eventually establish as their own by exterminating the majority of the aborigines and every last Tasmanian in the islands near the landmass.

2. “I deserve to Say the n-word.”

Iggy Azalea was reported as having said in an interview that she has paid her rap dues and deserves to be able to say the n-word. Considering that Rap God Eminem, a fellow white rapper, has chosen never to say the word, it is clear that the Australian does not have a sincere grasp of the culture. Even Macklemore, a white American rapper from Seattle, Washington, called her out for being a culture vulture to the point of even questioning himself. Traditionally, white rappers who respect the African Americans that gave birth to hip hop as a culture would never be vying publicly to say the n-word; they understand the sacred gravity of the word, whereas she seems genuinely ignorant of the severity.

1. Black Fishing

On our list of 5 ways Iggy Azalea canceled herself, coming in at number one, is her most egregious offense: Black Fishing. Black fishing is an act in which one pretends to be or alters their appearance to look ethnically Black or part black. The term gained momentum thanks to hip-hop journalist Wanna Thompson. Iggy Azalea denies all accusations of Black fishing. When the rapper, who cavalierly admits to having a ghostwriter, first underwent cosmetic surgeries for a Brazilian butt Lift, lip injections, and cheek enhancements, she said she was natural and not to believe the rumors about her body being surgically enhanced. She stuck to her story for years, only to be exposed shortly after that as having told an untruth. The combination of these surgeries gives her the appearance of a black or biracial woman who is part black.

5 Ways Iggy Azalea Cancelled Herself

In addition to the surgical enhancements is her blaccent. Iggy raps in an accent like a parody of an inner-city black woman’s accent, yet she speaks in the same accent she emigrated to America with. In Her most recent music video, I Am The Strip Club, and she is noticeably several shades darker than her usual color. At a glance, she appears as a light-skinned black woman. As someone who claims to be part of the hip-hop culture, it is strange to sword black women with the type of black fishing expected from those who are callous and insensitive to the culture. Like the Kardashians, she has proven to be more of an appropriator than an appreciator.

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