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5 Times Master P Lives Out Your Dreams before You Did



master p

Here is a list of 5 times Master P lived out your dreams before you did:


Percy Robert Miller known professionally as Master P entered most of our lives via stereo. The Make ’em Say Ugh rapper added a southern twang to the hip hop scene that was dominated by the east and west coast. The Ice Cream Man added heavily to African American Vernacular English (AAVE) especially with the phrase ” ‘bout it ’bout it” which can be loosely translated as a form of the late Malcolm X’s “By any means necessary”. The rapper began his own record label and brought to us acts like Mia X, his brother Silk The Shocker, and his other brother C-Murder. A role model who clearly looked out for his family, introducing his son Romeo as a rapper as well.


So many American boys and girls grew up dreaming of Hollywood stardom. Master P took it one step further by creating his own opportunity to star in films. The I Got The Hook Up actor gave us more than an on-screen performance. He is also responsible for screenwriting, film producer, director, talent manager, and more.

3.Basketball player

Every other African American boy grows up with hoop dreams. Hoping that someday he would be in the NBA. Black American boys see themselves most often represented in media as athletes as far as positive representation is concerned. Master P took that dream and made it a reality. The 6′ 4″ New Orleans native played for two NBA teams. The Charlotte Hornets in the 1998 pre-season. He and the Toronto Raptors in the 1999 pre-season.

4. Author

Master P wrote a book appropriately titled Guaranteed Success. What other man could write such a book? Given his resume, the 54-year-old Master P is plenty capable of telling readers all about guaranteed success.

5. Entrepreneur

Last on our list of 5 times, Master P lived out your dreams before you did is this: entrepreneurship. The indigenous American aborigine proved that racism and white supremacy are not insurmountable hurdles. When he did not have a way, he paved one with his own hands. Not only for himself but for his family and friends. Master P has repeatedly reinvented himself against all odds. He embodies the hope and spirit of African American manhood.

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