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5 Reasons Willow Smith Is The Celebrity To Watch!!!



5 Reasons Willow Smith Is The Celebrity To Watch

Willow Camille Reign Smith is the daughter of famous parents. Will and Jada Pinkett Smith share just one daughter. We have watched Willow grow up into quite a creative artist. Willow has just begun to blossom. Although, Willow is not a stranger to the music industry. Willow had early success with her song “Whip my Hair.” Her song peaked at no.11 on the Billboard Hot 100. Willow was also nominated for the “Video of the Year at the BET Awards in 2011. At the time, Willow was around 11-years-old, as reported by The List.

In addition, Willow had roles in her father’s film “I Am Legend”, and in Kit Kittredge: An American Girl. Willow is a singer, rapper, actress, dancer, and songwriter. And, Willow can be seen in a perfume commercial for designer Mugler. The new “Alien Goddess perfume” showcase Willow’s exotic look.

1 – Willow Is A Great Show Host

Willow is one of the voices of her mother’s Facebook talk show “Red Table Talk.” The Facebook show created by Jada Pinkett Smith has conversations with her mother, Adrienne Banfield – Norris aka Grammy, and Willow. The show is very unique. There are 3 different perspectives. Of course, Jada and her Adrienne are Baby Boomers and Willow is a Generation Z (born from 1997-2012). The show tackles societal and personal issues. In addition, The three women have interviewed some very controversial guests (Snoop Dog, Demi Moore, daughter of Lori Loughlin (Mossimo Giannulli), Jordan Woods, and Matthew McConaughey). Not to mention Will and Jada’s conversation about her “entanglement” with singer August Alsina.

red table talk

2 –  Willow Has A Blossoming Music Career

Willow has a very promising music career if she chooses. With the success of her debut song back in 2010 which went platinum. Will was able to work with rapper Nicki Minaj on” Fireball”. In 2019 Willow released the album,” Willow”.  Currently, Willow is on tour in the Us with her music, “Transparent Soul.”

willow sings

3- Willow Has The Potential To Take Over Modeling

Willow has quite a resume in the modeling industry.  Willow has walked the Red Carpet with her famous parents. And, Willow learned early on that your pose is everything. Willow has a very exotic fashion sense. Willow was featured model in Chanel’s Marc Jacobs campaign, as reported by Vogue. Not to mention, she had those Will and Jada good genes. Willow has attended the legendary Met Gala.

willow models

4- Willow Is An All-Around Entertainer

Willow has the total package. She can sing, act, dance, play the guitar, write songs, and model. She is versatile. And, those qualities are what stand out in the world of entertainment. It is obvious by her performances in movie performances.

willow in movies

5 – Willow Has Youth As An Advantage

Willow has so many careers she can pursue. The fact, she is able to sing, write songs, act, and model makes her a force to be reckoned with. If you ever heard Willow act, model, or sing you would agree. Willow has limitless possibilities. And, it seems Willow is well-rounded and focused. It’s not secret, Willow has star power.

willow jada n will

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