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R. Kelly: The Pied Piper?



R Kelly as The Pied Piper

The Pied Piper is a fictional character situated at the center of a fairytale wherein the town’s people prove to be faithless breakers of oaths. To punish these people the pied piper would take his flute and pipe away. Thus creating a lovely tune that caused children to follow him wherever the sound went until the pied piper successfully kidnapped them all to their certain demise. R. Kelly’s voice or what is often referred to as his “pipes” positioned him as a similar character. So much so that he has repeatedly publicly referred to himself as the pied piper. Is he really?

Disturbing news has been released concerning the King of R & B, more commonly known as R. Kelly. According to Sam Ant on Viral Hip Hop news, Kelly abused a 17-year-old boy nearly 15 years ago. The boy was identified as John Doe number 1. He was invited by Kelly to a party in his Chicago home. The teenager attended the party with his parents. Kelly told him to return next time, without them.

The young man with superstardom on his mind obliged him. Kelly lured him with promises of helping him with his career. The conversation eventually devolved into, ” What are you willing to do to succeed in the music business?” Clarifying that he wanted this young man to engage in sexual contact with him.

John Doe number 1 was coerced into sexual acts with Kelly. He was also recorded by Kelly engaging in sexual acts with adults other than him. The late rapper DMX mentioned in an interview, a time when witnessed Kelly enclosed in a basement level room with a minor. This was at a studio where he went to record a song with Kelly. He reported that due to having the minor in the room, Kelly would only speak to him through a small crack in the door so as to conceal what was happening in the room, implying that it was of a sexual nature. Here is that interview:

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