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Dr. Boyce Watkins Addresses Cardi B!!!

Dr. Boyce Watkins Addresses Cardi B. Why is there such a double standard in the music ministry? Let’s hear Dr. Boyce’s perspective. Shall we! Does Cardi’s music affect children? Dr. Boyce Watkins addresses Cardi B. Does hip hop music negatively ...

Black Rob Manager Blasts Diddy!!!

Black Rob Manager Blasts Diddy. We lost another hip hop artist. This brother who had the hit single “Whoa!” is gone. Manager Kal Dawson speaks out! Black Rob manager blasts Diddy.   Kal went in hard on those who could have ...

Irv Gotti Speaks On DMX’s Death!

 Irv Gotti Speaks On DMX’s Death. The hip hop community is still in shock. One of their own soldiers Earl “DMX” Simmons has fallen. DMX left quite a legacy Irv Gotti speaks on DMX’s death. I can remember DMX leader ...