Daily Archives: September 13, 2020


Rapper T.I. Charged With Fraud!!!!

 Rapper T.I. Charged With Fraud. This could be major trouble for the Atlanta rapper. Normally, T.I. is recognized for his good deeds in the community. Not in this case. What really happened with T.I.? Rapper T.I. charged with fraud. Allegedly, ...

Jay Z Produced “The Harder They Fall” Coming To Netflix!!!

Jay Z is on to something. An all-Black western movie? We can’t wait. Super Heavy Hitters Regina King, and Idris Elba are signed onto the project. Jay Z Bringing Us An All-Black Western, Y’all So what is this film all ...

Lil Baby “My Turn” Album Reaches 2X Platinum Status!!!

Lil Baby is the Grammy-nominated rapper who released his album, My Turn in 2020. Dominating the charts this year, he becomes the first rapper of 2020 to be RIAA-certified double platinum. Lil Baby First Rapper Of 2020 To Reach 2X ...