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Kanye West Honors Late Mom In Latest Verse!!!

Kanye West lost his mom, Dr. Donda West, a few years back. July 13th would have marked her 71st birthday. Reaching into his bag of samples, West came up with a way to honor his late mother. Kanye West Post ...

Rapper Tory Lanez Arrested!!!

Rapper Tory Lanez Arrested.  And, riding with Tory was none other but Megan Thee Stallion. Reportedly, a gun was fired during the incident. Tory and Megan were partying together Rapper Tory Lanez arrested. There was some an incident over the ...

Chance The Rapper Supports Kanye!!!

Chance The Rapper Supports Kanye. It is official. Kanye is running for president of the United States. Do you think Kanye has a chance of winning or not? Chance endorses Kanye for president Chance the Rapper supports Kanye. Who would ...