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Lisa Leslie Claps Back At Gayle’s Comments On Kobe!!!

Lisa Leslie claps back at Gayle’s Comments On Kobe. WNBA star basketball player, Lisa Leslie was blindside by Gayle asking her questions about Kobe. WNBA legend Lisa Leslie handled Gayle well Lisa Leslie claps back at Gayle’s comments on Kobe. ...

NAACP Awards Honors Rihanna!!!!!

NAACP Awards Honors Rihanna!!!!! Singer, Actress, and Businesswoman Rihanna will be honored at this years NAACP Image Awards. Also, Jay Z, Jesse Jackson, Lauryn Hill, and many more have also received this award. So make sure you tune to BET, ...

Future Helps Son After Georgia Arrest!!!

Future helps son, Jokobi Wilburn after he was arrested for gang activity. At 17-years-old, Jokobi will be tried as an adult. Thankfully, he has his famous father to assist him in his time of need. Future Providing Lawyers And Paying ...