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Diddy Receives Pre-Grammy Award!!!!!

Diddy Receives Pre-Grammy Award!!!!! Famed producer/rapper/businessman Sean “Diddy” Combs will be receiving the Industry Icons Award. Combs has has continued success in the rap and R&B game, as well as the business game. So congrats to you Mr. Combs. Sean ...

NBA YoungBoy Gets Sweet Plea Deal!!!

NBA YoungBoy gets a plea deal, and it’s pretty sweet. More serious charges in his case have been dropped in exchange for his guilty plea. NBA YoungBoy Gets 12 Months Probation, $1,500 Fine According to the Ware County District Attorney’s ...

Wu-Tang Hulu Series Is Fire!!!!!

Wu-Tang Hulu Series Is Fire!!!!! The Wu-Tang Clan is a classic group that has stood the test of time. They have had classic songs, had successful solo careers and have also had acting careers. Now, they have a 12 episode ...