Daily Archives: November 25, 2019


Kanye West N Sheck Wes Opera Performance!!!

Kanye West N Sheck Wes Opera Performance. Kanye is increasing his musical audience. On Sunday, Kanye narrated the story of King Nebuchadnezzar of the bible’s story on stage. Kanye takes his Sunday Services to a new level Some are having ...

Brandy and Daniel Caesar Top Adult AirPlay Chart!!!

Brandy tops the Adult R&B AirPlay Chart on Billboard for the first time. Together with Daniel Caesar, with a duet called “Love Again.” Brandy & Daniel Caesar Duet ‘Love Again’ Nominated For Grammy Top R&B songstress, Brandy, is back ya’ll. ...

Attempted Robbery At Blueface Baby Mansion!!!

Attempted Robbery At Blueface Baby Mansion. The California rapper whose real name is Johnathan Michael Porter was away in Dubai. Allegedly, three men tried to rob his home. Blueface is offering a $5k reward for robbers names Three men attempted ...