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Top 5 Best Selling Black Music Artists!!!

Here is a list of the Top 5 Selling black music artists of all time. Not needing any introductions, it’s no wonder these household names are the best selling musicians of all time. #5 – Drake Rapper Drake years active ...

Tory Lanez Still Supports Tekashi 69 In Spite Of Haters!!!

Tory Lanez still supports  6ix9ine in spite of haters. Tory is remaining true to his friend even though Tekashi has been labeled a snitch. This allegiance to Tekashi may not be a wise choice for Tory. Especially, since Tekashi’s reputation ...

Top Five Styles Of Hip Hop Music!!!

Top five styles of Hip Hop  music. Hip Hop music was thought to be just a passing fad. However, hip hop has crossed over into mainstream culture. In fact, Hip Hop music is played during commercials, sports events, and just ...