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Rapper Kurupt Rushed To The Hospital!!!

Rapper Kurupt Rushed To The Hospital. Apparently, the rapper has a drinking problem. During ” Marriage Boot Camp” witnesses saw Kurupt consuming large amounts of alcohol. Tha Dogg Pound Rapper Kurupt relapsed Kurupt was missing from taping the TV show ...

11 Black Celebrity Daddy’s With 10 Or More Kids!!!

11 black celebrity daddy’s with 10 or more kids. Although Master P and Muhummad Ali have 9 kids each, neither had enough to make it on this list. To grab a spot in these rankings, the minimum headcount is 10. ...

Top 5 Beyonce Songs on Billboard Chart!!!

Top 5 Beyonce Songs on Billboard Chart. With so many mega-hits to choose from on Beyonce’s vast catalog, coming up with the 5 best is hard. So, this list is compiled by how many weeks the song stayed on the ...