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Has Usher Been Bitten By The Boxing Bug?

Has Usher been bitten by the boxing bug? Already a minority owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers, Usher Raymond may have his sights on another sport, boxing. Is being a Boxing Promoter next on his plate? Usher is Dead Serious About ...

Simone Biles Is Most Decorated Female Athlete In US!!!

Simone Biles most decorated Female athlete in US. There has never been any other gymnast or athlete to do this. Simone was part of the “Final Five” at the Summer Olympics in 2016. Simone won 4 gold medals and a ...

Pusha Reveals Why Verse Was Cut From Ricks Album!!!

Pusha reveals why verse was cut from Rick Ross album. Apparently, know one wants to admit that Pusha’s verses may have out done everyone else on the album. And, it appears that Pusha may have fired shots at Rick’s boy ...