Daily Archives: November 5, 2018


Funkmaster Flex Schools Drake On Authentic Rap Styles

Funkmaster Flex schools Drake on authentic rap styles. Drake’s success in the rap game is phenomenal considering he uses a ghostwriter. However, Funkmaster Flex begs to differ with Drake. Flex believes that Drake’s music should not be compared to rappers ...

Sutton Tennyson Murdered?!?

The father of Angela Simmons child, Sutton Tennyson was murdered in Atlanta. Apparently, Sutton Tennyson was shot to death in his garage. Tennyson and Simmons were no longer involved. However, he was actively involved in his young son’s life. Sutton ...

Actor Wesley Snipes Owes IRS Millions In Taxes!

Actor Wesley Snipes owes the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) millions in taxes, again. What is Snipes issue with paying his taxes? Doesn’t he know you can’t mess with the IRS. They will put you in jail for long periods of ...