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The Game Opinion On Adele’s Grammy Win Over Beyonce|Throwback

Rapper Jayceon Taylor better known as The Game voiced his opinion on Adele winning a Grammy over Beyonce. Obviously, Beyonce is the Queen B as fans effectually named her. However, singer Adele is well loved in the music industry, as ...

Jaisun Previews His New Mixtape EaT Me!|Throwback

Jaisun Previews his new mixtape, EaT Me. This New Jersey rapper may just have a hit on his hand with this new song. Jaisun is not only a rapper but he produces his own music. Jaisun talks about the many ...

Was Jay Z Talking About Drake In New Song Shining!!|Throwback

Rapper, music mogul Sean Carter aka Jay Z put new music out with his wife Beyonce. Was Jay Z talking about rapper Drake in the new song, according to Complex? Some think that Jay sent shots at Drake because who ...