Daily Archives: February 2, 2017


Rapper Meek Mill Goes Ham For 12 Min Dissing Everybody

Philly rapper Meek Mill goes in hard with a diss on just about everyone in the rap game. Mill went in for about 12 minutes straight. Mill was with DJ Cosmic Kev on the Come Up Show on We Run ...

Young Dolph Bust Shots At Yo Gotti On Diss Track.|Throwback

Rapper Adolph Thorton Jr. better known as Young Dolph posted some harsh words against rapper Mario Mims aka Yo Gotti. Both rappers are from Memphis, Tennessee but you would not know this based on their beef. Allegedly, Thorton has accused ...

Fabolous Is The Most Under Rated Rapper Ever !!! Throwback

If we take a poll of some of the best rappers of all time we may not come up with the name Fabolous. However, that would be leaving out one of the most underrated rappers of all time. Fabolous has ...