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18 Former NBA Basketball Players Hit With $4M Lawsuit!!!



18 Former NBA Basketball Players Hit With $4M Lawsuit

The 18 former NBA players have been indicted on allegedly defrauding health benefits. The federal prosecutors announced players conspired to commit health care and wire fraud.

The alleged scheme lasted from 2017 through 2020

Apparently, at the head of the health care scheme was former New Jersey player Terrence Williams. According to authorities, Williams orchestrated the plan by recruiting other former players. Williams created fake invoices for dental and medical services for each player. Allegedly, the players were reimbursed for services they never received. Williams alleged was able to receive at least $230,000 in kickbacks from the player’s invoices, as reported by CBS News.

In addition, Williams was charged with alleged identity theft for impersonating a health plan employee. To top it off, Williams allegedly threatened players who did not pay him a “kickback.” The U.S. attorney of the Southern District of New York held a news conference on Thursday. Here is some of what Audrey Strauss said,

 “Thanks to the hard work of our law enforcement partners, their alleged scheme has been disrupted and they will have to answer for their flagrant violations of law.”

Williams was arrested in Washington state. And, the other 15 defendants were arrested, as well. Glen”Big Baby” Davis, was one of the former players arrested. Davis was part of the championship NBA Boston Celtics team when the one in 2008. Also, Davis’s teammate Anthony Allen, who also was a part of the winning Celtics team was charged. As a result, Allen may not have his N0.9 jersey retired from the Memphis Grizzlies this year.

Unfortunately, Allen’s wife was named in the indictment. She is the only non-player who has been allegedly accused. The other former players indicted are Darius Miles, Sebastian Telfair, Shannon Brown, William Bynum, Jamario Moon, and Antoine Wright. Of course, we don’t know at this time if any other charges will come with considerable jail time. But as always we will keep you posted.

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